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REVEL IN FLESH was formed in autumn 2011 with the clear agenda to deliver Death Metal in the classical early 90ies style. The debut album "Deathevokation" had a deadly impact as one of the first releases of the "New wave of German Death Metal". Releasing constantly and growing together as a prober liveband, REVEL IN FLESH became a real "work horse" within the German scenery. Throughout five full length albums, over ten split vinyl releases and sampler contributions the band developed an own sort of branding, while keeping their Death Metal inspired by the early European bands, but mixed with more melodic and gloomy elements, too.

With their albums "Emissary of all plagues" (2016) and "The hour of the avenger" (2019) the band finally found their own style and identity, which resulted in highly acclaimed reviews without loosing the underground and scene related origin.

REVEL IN FLESH played festivals like Party.San, Summer Breeze, Protzen O.A., Gothoom Festival, NRW Deathfest and many other and shared the stage with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Fleshcrawl, Evocation, God Dethroned, Asphyx, Desaster, Six Feet Under, Soulburn and many more! At the current stage the band is already working on new songmaterial for an upcoming, yet still untitled new album.



  • Maggesson - Lead Guitars
  • Herrmannsgard - Guitars
  • Henriksson - Drums
  • Haubersson - Vocals
  • G√łtzberg - Bass


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