John Diva And The Rockets Of Love

„Remember 80-something — we never seemed to miss a thing“ – these first lines of John Diva’s latest song “Back In The Days“ are a perfect summary of what this band stands for: Spandex pants, juvenile folly, a love for partying, and a Walkman with a fresh set of batteries. John Diva & The Rockets Of Love are bringing back carefree 80s vibes, yet manage to make them sound brand new. And isn’t carefreeness exactly what we all need right now?


With their debut album "Mama Said Rock Is Dead“, the group stormed to No. 24 on the album charts in 2019. On its successor, "American Amadeus“, the five U.S. Germans explored the boundaries of Glam Metal and also scored a major chart success. Sold-out tours, extravagant video clips, appearances at Wacken and well beyond: the brightly colored pirate ship that is John Diva & The Rockets Of Love has set sail to a nostalgic world of tan lines, Aviator glasses, and 80s Rock. The same goes for their third album "The Big Easy" (out March 17, 2023,via Steamhammer/SPV), which marks the five rockers’ return.

The name of the record says it all: "We wanted to record an album that sounds like Cherry Cola," guitarist Snake Rocket explains the process of creating "The Big Easy". "Also, we put great emphasis on the fact that the record is intended as an album and doesn’t sound as if we jammed together an intro and eleven random songs. The record works in that order precisely." It only took six months from initial song idea to finished album. Never has John Diva & The Rockets Of Love sounded more like a unit – never has the group oozed so much joy and California sunshine from every pore. 


In terms of lyrics, John Diva & The Rockets Of Love touch on a wide range of topics on "The Big Easy". Whether it's the encouraging title track penned by guitarist J.J. Love, meaningful tracks like „Believe", lighter fare like "Runaway" and "The Capri Style“, or very intimate songs like "Wild At Heart“: Even though fun is always the main concern, frontman Diva manages to wrap more serious topics in his trademark bubblegum wrapper. Some lyrics could even be seen as political. With "The Big Easy“, John Diva & The Rockets Of Love prove once again that they are masters of the whole range of Rock 'n' Roll – and that they can make even profound lyrics sound like a walk on the beach.


The glam rockers unsealed their first single "God Made Radio" on September 15, 2022. In it, they pay homage to all Rock radio stations that have successfully gotten fans and bands through the pandemic. "The track is a thank you to all the stations that are always on the lookout for hot new shit and are giving their all to beat monotony," guitarist Snake Rocket explains. "It’s for all of those who aren't satisfied with only ever playing the well-loved tracks, but who constantly bring attention to new music." 


John Diva & The Rockets Of Love are synonymous with wild parties, passionate live shows, but also liberal messages in their lyrics. Bullshit? Not at all. In their lyrics, the five musicians clearly reject the sexism that is so common in their genre, for example in songs like "Boys Don't Play With Dolls“: "In our music, everyone is welcome and appreciated," frontman John Diva emphasizes. Right on. Because isn’t carefreeness exactly what we all need right now?




California Rhapsody

The Big Easy

God Made Radio

Runaway Train



Back In The Days

Hit And Run

Boy’s Don’t Play With Dolls

The Limit Is The Sky

Capri Style

Wild At Heart


  • John Diva - vocals
  • Snake Rocket - guitar
  • J.J. Love - guitar
  • Remmie Martin - bass
  • Markus Coolman - drumns


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