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14.12.2018 [NL] Eindhoven Eindhoven Metal Meeting Tickets
Codex Omega Tour 2019


DIABOLICAL (08.03. > 12.04.)
INCITE (16.04. > 28.04.)
XAON (08.03. > 12.04.)
SCIENCE OF DISORDER (31.03. > 07.04.)
DEAD SHAPE FIGURE (09.04. > 14.04.)
DEHUMANISE (13.04. > 17.04.)
WHEN REASONS COLLAPSE (18.04. > 28.04.)

08.03.2019 [DE] Essen Turock Tickets
09.03.2019 [NL] Arnhem Willemeen Tickets
10.03.2019 [BE] Brugge Entreport Tickets
12.03.2019 [FR] Paris La Machine Tickets
13.03.2019 [FR] Bordeaux Rock School Tickets
14.03.2019 [ES] Madrid Caracol Tickets
15.03.2019 [PT] Porto Hardclub Tickets
16.03.2019 [PT] Lisboa Ao Vivo Tickets
17.03.2019 [ES] Murcia Garage Tickets
19.03.2019 [ES] Barcelona Razzmatazz 2 Tickets
20.03.2019 [ES] Zaragoza CC Delicias Tickets
21.03.2019 [FR] Lyon Ninkasi Kao Tickets
22.03.2019 [CH] Monthey Pont Rouge Tickets
23.03.2019 [IT] Erba Central Rock Tickets
24.03.2019 [IT] Bologna Alchemica Tickets
26.03.2019 [IT] Bolzana UFO Tickets
27.03.2019 [SI] Ljubljana Orto Bar Tickets
28.03.2019 [SI] San Dona Revolverclub Tickets
29.03.2019 [HR] Zagreb Dom Ombladir Tickets
30.03.2019 [BG] Sofia Mixed Tape 5 Tickets
31.03.2019 [RO] Buccaresti Club Quantic Tickets
02.04.2019 [HU] Budapest Dürer Kert Tickets
03.04.2019 [SK] Kosice Colloseum Tickets
04.04.2019 [CZ] Praha Futurum Tickets
05.04.2019 [AT] Vienna ((szene)) Tickets
06.04.2019 [PL] Posnan U Bazyla Tickets
07.04.2019 [PL] Warsaw Proxima Tickets
09.04.2019 [LT] Vilnius Vakaris Tickets
10.04.2019 [LV] Riga Melna Piektdiena Tickets
11.04.2019 [EE] Tallinn Club Tapper Tickets
12.04.2019 [FI] Helsinki Nosturi Tickets
13.04.2019 [FI] Tampere Klubi Tickets
14.04.2019 [FI] Oulu Hevimesti Tickets
16.04.2019 [SE] Stockholm Klubben Tickets
17.04.2019 [SE] Gothenburg Sticky Fingers Tickets
18.04.2019 [DK] Arhus Voxhall Tickets
19.04.2019 [DK] Copenhagen Pumpehuset Tickets
20.04.2019 [NL] Amstelveen P60 Tickets
21.04.2019 [DE] Berlin Lido Tickets
23.04.2019 [DE] Munich Backstage Tickets
24.04.2019 [CH] Pratteln Z7 Tickets
25.04.2019 [DE] Jena F-Haus Tickets
26.04.2019 [DE] Münster Sputnikhalle Tickets
27.04.2019 [FR] Nancy Chez Paulette Tickets
28.04.2019 [DE] Ludwigsburg Rockfarbik Tickets
31.05. - 02.06.2019 [CZ] Plzen Metalfest Open Air Tickets
01. - 03.08.2019 [DE] Wacken Wacken Open Air Tickets

Titans are the most ancient of all the gods depicted in Greek mythology – even older than the Olympic deities. They represent the forces of nature. No other title could have been more apt to represent Septicflesh's ninth full-length. Titan is the power of darkness made manifest in music. Guitarist Christos Antoniou, who passed his academic studies of classical composition with honours and distinction, already proved his prowess for orchestration with The Great Mass (2011). Now Titan shows a level of maturity in his use of classical instruments in a metal context with no equal. The way to this glory was paved by the Greek's celebrated comeback album Communion (2008), which came as a refined version of Septicflesh's long established sound: massive deadly guitars on the edge of blackness with intricate string-work supplemented by haunting gothic melodies and epic orchestral  arrangements. The Greeks had used their hiatus after splitting up in 2003 well. Starting out as SEPTIC FLESH in 1990, they released the Temple of the Lost Race EP only one year later. With every following album from their debut Mystic Places of Dawn (1994) to the stunning Sumerian Daemons (2003) the band evolved in huge steps transforming and honing their songwriting skills and sound into highly original and very cinematic dark musical matter that has been described as black, death and gothic metal. Most of their previous albums have meanwhile been reissued with bonus material and made available again by Seasons of Mist. Yet now Septicflesh have reached a new peek in their career. This Titan stands high and proud as a new force of nature to be reckoned with!


  • Sotiris Anunnaki V - guitar & clean vocals
  • Spiros 'Seth' Antoniou - vocals & bass
  • Christos Antoniou - guitars & orchestral arrangements
  • Kerim 'Krimh' Lechner - drums & percussion


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