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Maturity, they say, is not measured in years, but in actions. It is not quantifiable, but one knows it when they see it—or in the case of KRISIUN’s The Great Execution—when they hear it. It is an album that sees the band stepping outside of their comfort zone, producing songs that are unlike any of their previous releases—yet distinctly and immediately their own. The songs are diverse, containing extreme tempo variations, distinct patterns, and even clean guitars on select tracks.

“We know this album is a major step ahead from anything we have done so far,”

says vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo.

“The songs bring a lot more maturity in every aspect of the music, especially in the variation between the songs.”

This newfound experimentation included collaborations with Joao Gordo (vocalist from the Brazilian hardcore punk, thrash-crossover band Ratos de Porao) and acoustic guitarist Marcello Caminha. Gordo is featured on “Extinção em Massa”, adding his distinctive vocal style to the track. In regards to the collaboration, Camargo comments,

“We have been a long time fan of his band [Ratos de Porao], so we thought it would be great to have him doing vocals on one of the more old school thrash/death metal oriented songs.”

While Gordo brought his hardcore- thrash influences into the song-writing process, close friend Caminha contributed a Brazilian flair with gently plucked strings that counters KRISIUN’s destructive blitz.

“Marcello is a great acoustic guitar player from South Brasil who shares the same Gaucho tradition and heritage as us,”

continues Camargo.

“He plays on two songs, putting all of his feeling into the Spanish/Gaucho-like shredding he adds at blazing speeds.”

For The Great Execution, KRISIUN also aimed to create a more organic sounding record by using only analog gear and instruments. Their desire to avoid the compressed sound that so many musicians produce today was a wise decision, with the songs on The Great Execution possessing both a warmth and a rawness that is so often lost through digital production. The low end is deeper, with drums that pound instead of bounce and guitar tones that sear rather than hiss.

“With our new record, The Great Execution, we managed to capture the sound and the vibe that we were always looking for,”

adds Camargo.

KRISIUN once again recorded at Stage One Studio in Germany with Andy Classen who worked with the band on Southern Storm (2008), Conquerors of Armageddon (1999) and AssassiNation (2006).

“Going back to Stage One Studio was the right choice,”

Camargo remarks.

“The album came out with a very distinctive and natural sound, shattering the bounds of the style one more time.”

As their previous works and experience demonstrate, KRISIUN stands toe-to-toe with their death metal peers in ferocity and sheer shred-ability—and The Great Execution will only further this legacy. Having toured the world with the likes of Kreator, Cradle Of Filth, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Dimmu Borgir, in addition to having graced the stages of major metal festivals throughout Europe and beyond, the band has also gained a hard-earned  reputation for crushing live shows. One would be hard-pressed to find a metal band today as consistent and stable in terms of quality and conviction as KRISIUN. By successfully ignoring trends and fads, they have emerged as one of the most impressive death metal imports from South America.

With the release of The Great Execution drawing near, Camargo advises fans to prepare themselves for this ground-breaking KRISIUN record:

“This is not just another death metal album. Go and get your copy, you won't regret it.”


  • Alex Camargo - vocals, bass
  • Moyses Kolesne - guitar
  • Max Kolesne - drums


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