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09. - 13.07.2019 [HU] Dunaujvaros Rockmarathon Tickets
11. - 13.07.2019 [DE] Neukirchen-Vluyn Dong Open Air Tickets

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The Black Dahlia Murder

12.11.2019 [FR] Paris Alhambra Tickets
13.11.2019 [FR] Bordeaux Rock School Barbey Tickets
14.11.2019 [ES] Barcelona Razzmatazz 2 Tickets
15.11.2019 [ES] Bilbao Santana 27 Tickets
16.11.2019 [ES] Madrid Cats Tickets
18.11.2019 [FR] Lyon Ninkasi Kao Tickets
19.11.2019 [CH] Pratteln Z7 Tickets
20.11.2019 [AT] Vienna Arena Tickets
21.11.2019 [PL] Cracow Kwadrat Tickets
22.11.2019 [PL] Wroclaw Klub Pralnia Tickets
23.11.2019 [CZ] Zlin Winter Masters Of Rock Tickets
24.11.2019 [DE] Dresden Reithalle Tickets
27.11.2019 [DE] Munich Backstage Tickets
28.11.2019 [DE] Ludwigsburg Rockfarbik Tickets
29.11.2019 [DE] Lindau Club Vaudeville Tickets
01.12.2019 [IT] Roma Largo Tickets
02.12.2019 [IT] Milan Live Music Club Tickets
04.12.2019 [DE] Leipzig Felsenkeller Tickets
05.12.2019 [NL] Leeuwarden Neushoorn Tickets
07.12.2019 [DE] Geiselwind Christmas Bash * Tickets
08.12.2019 [DE] Berlin Astra Kulturhaus Tickets
09.12.2019 [DE] Frankfurt Batschkapp Tickets
10.12.2019 [DE] Hannover Capitol Tickets
11.12.2019 [DE] Hamburg Markthalle Tickets
12.12.2019 [LU] Luxembourg den Atlier * Tickets
13.12.2019 [BE] Antwerp Trix * Tickets
23.11.2019 [CZ] Zlin Masters Of Rock Cafe Tickets
06. - 07.12.2019 [DE] Geiselwind Christmas Bash Tickets

Winter’s Gate

Insomnium was formed in a small town of Joensuu in eastern Finland in 1997 by metalhead schoolmates  Niilo  Sevänen,  Ville  Friman  and  Markus  Hirvonen.  Drawing  inspiration  from  the blooming Scandinavian melodic death metal scene of the 90’s the young band soon found its own unique way of combining melancholy and fierceness with multifaceted lyrics.
From those days the only direction for Insomnium was to go steadily up and forward: album by album – from their 2002 debut In the Halls Of Awaiting via Since The Day It All Came Down (2004), Above The Weeping World (2006) and Across The Dark (2009) through to their Century Media debut One for Sorrow (2011) – also introducing Markus Vanhala as the new fourth member. And tour by tour the passionate musicians edged their way to the very top of the scene and have by now become the spearhead of melodic death metal made in Finland.

After their most successful album to date, Shadows of the Dying Sun (2014), the band wanted to challenge themselves and create something different; something that no one had done before. They forged a bold concept album Winter’s Gate (2016) which was based on an award-winning short story by Niilo Sevänen. The album consists of one epic 40 minute song and a book that has the story in English, Finnish and German. Musically it’s a meandering path into the dark that has also elements from  progressive, doom and  black  metal, all  woven to  one  captivating opus; their crowning achievement.


  • Niilo Sevänen - vocals, bass
  • Markus Vanhala - guitar
  • Ville Friman - guitar, vocals
  • Markus Hirvonen - drums


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