Accept - The Rise of Chaos!


The band released their third album trailer in which Wolf Hoffmann explains the album title and why it fits so perfect in current times. If you want to find out about the connection between the new ACCEPT album and the rise of chaos in our world.

Wolf states: "The more you look at the news nowadays, the more the album title fits because times get pretty chaotic these days. Things get to be more and more extreme. Violence and terror will often result in even more violence. Stephen Hawking or somebody once said, that a hundred years from now, there won't be any more people on this planet. We will be all extinct one day because we might have killed ourselves. Who knows? But it's certainly an interesting thought..."

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German Press writes:

„Mit ‚The Rise Of Chaos‘ beweisen ACCEPT nicht nur ihre Relevanz und Konkurrenzfähigkeit zu jüngeren Genre-Vertretern, sondern de nieren auch den Goldstandard für klassische Heavy Metal-Alben. Ein starkes Stück!“

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»Keine Band macht zur Zeit bessere Heavy Metal-Alben als ACCEPT!«

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„Hier wird in vollem Saft aus allen Rohren geballert. Ein würdiges viertes Album der neuen ACCEPT!“


„The Rise Of Chaos” klingt einfach herrlich typisch nach ACCEPT. Bockstark.


And don't forget: Accept will play their biggest show so far at sold out W:O:A 2017! Accept want to create one huge show consisting of three different parts to reflect their entire creativity! 

This first part of the Wacken show will be more than just the live premier, but a classical Accept Metal show with both old and new hits!

The second part is another premier! Wolf Hoffmann and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra will perform songs from Wolf’s solo album Headbangers Symphony together. The album was already released in 2016, but this will be the live premier! The album adapts some of the greatest works of the classical music, like Beethoven's Symphony no. 9 for the metal world.

The closing third part combines everything for the grand finale: Accept will rock the stage together with the big Orchestra, framed by a complex multimedia show. Needless to say, that this is another huge premier for the band.


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