Ruhrpott Metal Meeting 2016: 4 more bands added!



RUHRPOTT METAL MEETING – more bands confirmed: LEGION OF THE DAMNED, SISTER, IZEGRIM and BLIKSEM about to rock Germany ´s heaviest metal metropolitan area!

We have a new heavy metal delivery for you: Dutch Thrashers LEGION OF THE DAMNED, Swedish Sleaze Punk act SISTER, Belgian Psychedelic newcomers BLIKSEM as well as IZEGRIM are confirmed for the RUHRPOTT METAL MEETING.

LEGION OF THE DAMNED you surely know from their 2005 released debut album »Malevolent Rapture«. It’s legendary already and the band belongs to the most important genre ´s representatives.

Swedish rockers SISTER have toured Europe already with SKID ROW, THE OFFSPRING or U.D.O.

BLIKSEM from Belgium have been voted by Metal Hammer magazine among the 10 best Thrash Metal bands in 2015.
And Dutch Thrashers IZEGRIM will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year – good to have a really big beer garden in the venue.



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